Soybean Oil Press

screw soybean oil press is an advanced soybean oil extraction machine that is capable of processing all kind of plant seeds, especially for soybean and cotton seeds. The soybean oil press adopts screw shaft with different styles of screws, which rotates when the soybean oil press is running to push the materials into the chamber. Then, the oil would be extracted through the extrusion of pressing worm and pressing ring. In addition, oil cakes can be cut into small pieces with the soybean oil press to meet the needs of expelling.

Features of  Screw Soybean Oil Press
1. With compact structure, stable function and simple maintenance.
2. Cast iron machine base ensures the smooth operation of soybean oil press.
3. Gear reducer system is adopted to control the speed of soybean oil extraction.
4. Main parts through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching.
5. Superior grade oil & cake can be produced;


How to improve the oil yield of soybean

1. Soybean selection. It is the fundamental factor to ensure the oil yield and quality of soybean oil. Fine soybean which is clean without mildew or broken should be used.
2, Cleaning. Straw, mud, sand and other impurities produced in the process of drying must be removed thoroughly.
3, Instant pressing after frying. The oil molecules in soybean are most active at high temperature. Generally, the temperature of soybean just discharged from the frying pot is 108℃. The oil yield is higher to press the soybeans instantly. We should press soybeans instantly after frying, so as to improve soybean oil yield.
4. Modification of the press screw. We can increase the pressure of pressing chamber according to the actual situation of the soybean oil press. Taking 95 type screw soybean oil press as an example, 95 type screw soybean oil press is composed of number 1 to 9 pressing screws, among which No. 5 pressing screw is smaller than No. 6, worn No. 6 screw can be used to replace No. 5 pressing screw to increase the internal pressure and make the position of oil outlet moves backward for 8-10 cm. Only this improvement can produce 1-2 kilograms more soybean oil per 100 kg of soybean.

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