Soybean Oil Plant

We are able to design and manufacture the complete soybean oil plant according to the space and other requirements of clients. The whole soybean oil mill is be based on turnkey project basis from start to end.

Edible refined soybean oil can be produced after refining of crude soybean oil through crushing, extracting or prepressing and extracting method of soybean. Soybean is the crop with low oil content, which is among 11 – 20%. Solvent extraction is commonly used in soybean oil extraction under normal circumstances. Oil produced by solvent extraction has good quality and lower production cost.. Flow chart of soybean oil processing:

Soybean — cleaning — crushing — softening — flaking — leaching — evaporating — stripping — crude soybean oil (crude oil) — filtering — hydrating (degumming) — alkali refining (deacidification) — bleaching — deodorization — soybean oil

1. Soybean Pretreatment
Cleaning and drying of soybean are the first processing steps in the soybean oil plant. The soybean hulls should to be removed before soybean oil extraction, since they would absorb part of the oil and lead to lower oil yield. The dehulling of soybean can be made by cracking the soybeans and the hulls and cracked soybeans can be separated through mechanical separation. Magnets are used to separate the iron from soybeans.

Mainly equipment used are high efficiency vibrating screen, gravity classifying stoning machine, magnetic separation device, the conditioning tower, rapid dryer, crusher, hull and kernel separator, flaking machine, etc.

2. Soybean Oil Extraction
After pretreatment of the soybean oil plant, soybeans need to be processed into flakes in a percolation extractor and immersed in the solvent, which is normally the hexane. Counterflow is often used in the extraction system of soybean oil machinery with the highest oil yield. The extracted flake produced contains only about 1% of soybean oil and they can be used as the feed of livestock or to produce food products like soy protein. The hexane is separated from the soybean oil in evaporators. The evaporated hexane is recovered and returned to the solvent extraction process for recycling. Then, crude soybean oil would be purified further.

The complete extracting equipment of soybean oil mill is the main product of our company with features of energy-saving, environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency. It can not only used to process soybean oil, but also suitable for extracting cottonseed oil, tea seed oil, tung seed, etc. We design and manufacture the extracting equipment with years of abundant experience and mature technology.

3. Soybean Oil Refining
Crude soybean oil is processed through filtering, degumming and deacidifying process, finally get the high-quality soybean oil after deodorization. Before oil refining process, sample examination must be made. Make necessary data detection according to its impurity content, acid value, phosphorus content and pigment composition of different size, and then refining the oil by scientific and rational operation process. Meanwhile, timely adjustment should be made in the whole process according to the variation of oil in different periods of soybean oil machinery.

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