Process of soybean extruder

Soybean extruding technology can reduce the production cost and improve the quality of oil and meal as well. Soybean extruder is the equipment mainly used for stabilizing and extruding treatment of soybean in cereal and oil industry. It can also be used to process expanded feeds in soybean oil mill, soybean protein factories and feed mills.

The advantages of soybean extruding technology
1. Extruded materials processed by extruding technology of soybean extruder have smaller volume and larger bulk weight than flake materials. Loose and porous extruded materials are easy for extraction and drain, and extracting processing capacity is greatly increased as well.
2. Through high temperature and high pressure processing of extruded materials, harmful microbes can be exterminated that prolongs the storage time of soybean meal and oil.
3. Extruding technology can greatly reduce solvent and steam consumption. The extracting solvent in extruded materials can be drained easily. Solvent content in wet meal is greatly reduced after extraction. The energy consumption of evapo-separated machine can be reduced as well in desolventizing process.
4. Extruding technology can reduce refining costs. High temperature instantaneous wet cooking of soybean extruder can effectively passivate soybean phospholipase and lipoxidase activity, reduce the formation of nonhydratable phospholipids. It reduces the acid value and peroxide value of crude soybean oil and the difficulty of subsequent refining and consumption, and improve the refining yield.

Working principle of soybean extruder
The working principle of soybean extruder is to convert mechanical energy to thermal energy by extrusion, friction and shearing function of non-equidistance screw extrusion system so that certain pressure and temperature can be formed in the extruding chamber. Finally, materials processed by the screw extruder can be expanded and discharged from the discharging die head. Crude soybean oil produced by soybean extruder has light color and low acid value. It reduces the difficulty of making edible soybean oil in different levels. The bulk weight of soybean increases after being expanded, which improves the production capacity of soybean extruder and keeps the residual oil rate of dry cakes lower than 1%.

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