Big capacity edible oil process plant

Big capacity edible oil process plant is widely used to produce Grade one and Grade two oil by big oil factory .

This plant is used to produce the following oil : peanut oil ,sunflower oil,soybean oil ,rapeseed oil ,cotton seed oil ,rice bran oil etc .

Technical parameter:

Capacity :20-3000T/D edible oil process whole plant

Using scale : Cotton seed oil ,soybean oil ,sunflower oil ,peanut oil ,Rape seed oil ,Rice bran oil

Oil extract type: Leaching

Details of Big capacity edible oil process plant:

The big capacity edible oil process plant is widely use to produce Grade one and Grade two  peanut oil ,sunflower oil ,soybean oil ,cotton seed oil ,rice bran oil etc .

Edible oil process plant can be divide as following step .

Part one :pre-pressing plant 

The pre-pressing can be divide to two parts ,one is oil content raw materials pretreatment part ,the other is oil pre-press part . The raw materials pretreatment include clear ,take off soft nap ,shell ,drying,softening ,flaking and steaming and frying ,etc . About the oil pre-press ,general we use the screw oil press to press . The oil press by mechanical action approch ,squeezing the raw materials with a high pressure ,when pressure enough big ,the oil leaking from the kernel cell. That is crude oil.

Part two : leaching plant 

Leaching is a manner is applied the principle of extraction ,choose the organic solvent ,and let the solvent contact with the pretreatment oil cake –immersion or spray . Then the oil dissolution from the oil cake .This method make the solvent and the oil combined as a solution ,this solution is called mixed oil . Using the different boiling point between the solvent and the oil ,to evaporation and steam stripping . Evaporate out the solvent ,and get the crude oil . The solvent after evaporate and condensation can recovery and use again.

Simple leaching part flow:

Part three: Oil refining plant 

Step one : Degumming 

The crude oil is belong to gum system ,the phospholipids ,protein,mucilage substance and diglyceride, triglycerides are belong to dissolve into gum impurities .The impurities not only influence the stable of the oil ,but also influence the effect if the oil refining and oil deep process . So the crude must be remove the impurities.

Step two: Deacidification 

The crude oil without refining are contains a certain amount of free fatty acids, the process remove the free fatty acids from the oil we called deacidificate.One of the most widely used method is alkali refining .Alkali refining is a method use the alkali to neutralization of free fatty acids .the generated soap adsorption a parts of other impurities ,and sedimentation and separation .

Step three: Decolorization 

In oil ,have different quantity and different kinds of colors ,some is natural ,some is produce during the oil storage and oil press . Most of them is non-toxic ,but will affect he appearance of the oil ,so the production of high quality oil ,must decolorization. Oil decolorizing  is to use the strong adsorption material to adsorpte the color, (Such as clay) . Under certain conditions , adsorption the colors and impurities from oil, so as to achieve the aim of decoloring.

Step four: Deodorization 

During oil produce ,there can have different degrees of smell ,oil deodorization not only can remove the bad smell ,but also can improve the smoke point ,improve the flavor of the edible oil .And can improve the oil stability ,color and quality .Oil deodorization is 啊process use big volatility different between bad smell materials and triglyceride ,under the condition of high temperature and high vacuum with steam distillation removing odor materials.

Step five :Dewaxing 

If amount of wax in the oil ,in the case of low temperature ,the oil transparency will reduce ,and because it is suspension in the oil ,will cause certain influence to the color .Wax in oil ,can make the digestion and absorption rate decreased . Make the smell and the taste worse ,reduce the oil edible quality and nutritional value .In order to produce high quality edible oil ,must be dewaxing.