Cold Oil Press Machine

Cold press refers to the process that oil seeds are pressed through cold oil press machine below 60°C. Generally, processing under the environment of below 60°C can fully retain nutrients of oil seeds in cold press. The double screw cold oil press machine produced by our company is a kind of new cold oil press machine with high efficiency, low energy consumption and strong adaptability. It has the advantages of low power and energy consumption, 20% – 30% of electricity can be saved when processing the same amount of oil seeds. Suitable for oil extraction of vegetable oil seeds like tea seed, flax seed, cashew nut shell, almond, fire hemp seed, peanut kernels, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, corn germ, Chinese prickly ash seed, etc.

We Can provide customers with design and installation of complete sets of 5-500 TPD cold oil press machine.

Advantages of double screw cold oil press machine:
1. Two screw shafts in the same direction in squeezing chamber, transport materials facing oppositely by shearing. With great pushing force, oil route can be cleared by itself.
2. Double screw cold press oil machine, high pressure in squeezing chamber with single pressing, more than 93% of yield efficiency, low residual oil rate in dry cakes.
3. Cold press can completely retain the natural biological active matter in vegetable oils, such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, protease, lecithin and trace elements. Vegetable oil produced by cold oil press machine has nature color and flavor.
4. Strip pressed cake (meal) produced in low temperature is a high value-added food used for animal feed, fertilizer, fuel and protein extraction.
5. Suitable for room temperature pressing and traditional hot pressing process of all kinds of oil seeds.

Cold press oil extraction method
Cold press is the physical method of oil extraction. Pressure in increased without heating up, thus it has no effect on the substance in oil. In addition to the common characteristics of general oil extraction process, it can also improve the oil quality, avoid the generation of harmful materials like trans-fatty acids or high quality polymer in high temperature processing and retains the active substances in the oil. In the cold press of tea seed oil, cold pressed oil can avoid harmful substances such as acid, alkali and heavy metal in residual oil caused by adding chemical additives in the process of refining and shorten the process. A third of the production cost can be saved, reduces the project cost of investment and enhances the market competitiveness of products. In addition, the nutritional value of protein in tea seed cake is improved after pressing, dietary fiber and other nutrients are not denatured and the active material can be kept that ensures the development and utilization value of cake, which can be used for animal feed, fertilizer, fuel and protein extraction.