continuous palm oil refinery plant

Our Company know-how provides a Low Operating Cost Palm Oil Fractionation Plant which gives high olein / soft stearin yields at established control i.e. PLC (automation) for efficient working and reliability of the plant.

The separation of Stearin and Olein  is continuously done on Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter and its principle is simple, whereas Crystallization process involves a perfect technique to develop and grow the particles size for easy smooth separation of Stearin and Olein

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Continuous palm oil refinery plant introduction:

Basic process of continuous palm oil refinery plant is same in both batch & continuous palm oil refinery. Only difference is instead of a measured batch, crude palm oil is processed continuously with constant stream of flow. In between required utilities & chemicals are added continuously in measured quantity. Crude palm oil from obtained from palm oil expeller machine, palm oil mill plant contains foreign impurities such as mucilage, gums and unfiltered proteinous matter from the seed. It also contains gums which making it unfit for palm purpose.

Basic stages of the continuous palm oil refinery process are as below:
Dewaxing & Deodorizing

Degumming and neutralization process:

The crude palm oil is pumped to Neutraliser from palm oil mill plant or storage tank & first it is treated with weak solution of phosphoric acid or other suitable degumming agent for removing gums.
Thereafter oil is further treated with measured quantity of alkali (NaoH) depending upon free fatty acid (F.F.A.) in crude oil. In this process soap will be separated.
Next process is hot water wash to the oil to remove traces of soap particle &free alkali.
The oil obtained will be light in colour, free from soap stock & called as washed Neutralised Oil.

Bleaching process:

In this process excess colour from the oil is removed. The neutralized washed oil is pumped into the Bleacher vessel operating under vacuum.
The oil is first heated to remove excess moisture and thereafter it will be treated with predetermined quantity of bleaching earth & activated carbon.
Thereafter the oil will pass through a filter media (Pressure leaf / Filter press) to separate spent bleach earth and bleached oil.
The oil will pass obtained after bleaching process is light in colour & appearance of oil will be clear golden in colour

Decolorizing process:

This process in continuous palm oil refinery plant removes odour from the oil to improve the quality and self-life of oil.
The bleached oil is charged to deodorizer directly or through heat exchanger and is heated at high temperature and also under high vacuum in deodorizer vessel to obtain odourless clear oil.
Once the decolorization process cycle is complete the oil obtained will be odourless & light in colour.
After cooling it will pass through polishing filter to obtained sparkling light colour & odourless oil for packing, which will be used as palm oil.

Dry fractionation process: