Palm oil process machinery

Our company provides a range of palm oil processing machinery to extract oil from fresh fruit bunches of oil palm. The following is the typical palm oil processing process which might be useful for new investors of palm oil production business.

Main Machinery for Making Palm Oil: Steriliser, digester, expeller,clarification machine and so on.

The palm oil processing machinery involves a series of processes starting with harvesting fresh fruit bunches from the plantations and ending with crude palm oil storage. Through sterilizing, threshing, digesting and expelling, crude palm oil will be pressed out in palm oil pressing machine (screw oil press). Each station of palm oil processing machinery uses different methods and machines. After purifying and refining, the refined palm oil can be exported as a popular kind of healthy and edible oil. Browse through the details of palm oil processing machinery in the following:

Palm fruit harvesting process:

The oil content of the palm fruit is very low in the early phases of formation and it increases as the fruit grow. When the fruits is maturity, the oil content is about 50% of mesocarp weigh.

The fresh fruits apt to be bruised in many cases before extraction of palm oil, especially during the processes of harvesting, loading and unloading. However, the FFA (free fatty acids) in the bruised part of fruit can increase to 60% rapidly in just an hour, which greatly affects the composition and quality of final palm oil. The answer to reduce the damage to palm oil extraction quality is to send the fresh fruit bunches to process and extracting the fruits as early as possible once harvested, at the latest within 48 hours.

Sterilizer process of palm oil processing machinery:

Through palm fruit reception system , the palm fruit bunches will be transported to the next process of palm oil processing machinery- Sterilizing Station.
The sterilizing process utilizes steam or water to sterilize the fresh palm fruits. This process likewise stops enzymatic responses that prompt oxidation and upsets the cells which are found in the mesocarp, so that to improve the oil extraction efficiency and final oil product quality.

Threshing process of palm oil processing machinery:

In the threshing process of palm oil processing machinery, The palm fruit are separated from the whole bunches by use of stripper machine. Threshing is generally mechanical in large palm oil mill by use of thresher, which rotates or vibrates to remove the fruits from the bunch.

Digesting process of palm oil processing machinery:

Before extracting oil, the palm fruits need to be crushed in digester machines. To augment oil yield, the fruit pulp is also warmed in this process. The mesocarp and nuts can be squeezed together in palm oil making/pressing

Pressing process of palm oil processing machinery:


The pulp is then pressed, which bursts the oil-containing cells, releasing the palm oil. There are several types of oil expeller machines that may be used to press the fruit pulp, including screw palm oil press machine,double screw palm oil press machine. The double screw press is the most commonly used palm oil processing machinery in both small and large scale palm oil manufacturing plant due to its high oil extraction rate.

Clarification process of palm oil processing machinery:

The purpose of clarification in palm oil processing machinery is to remove impurities. The final crude palm oil will be storage in bulk in a tank.

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