New type palm oil machine

This new type palm oil machine apply steam sterilizer to process the palm fruit, and in the clearification section, this new type palm oil machine combine the vibrating scree, the sand clarificaiton tank and plate filter to clarify the crude palm oil, besides, this palm oil machine apply the oil drying system to remove the moisture in oil.All the above equipment helps to get effiency sterilizer effect, high oil yield, low residue in oil and higher oil quality, which is easier for storage and sell.
Machine list of new type more than the last generation palm oil machine:

1,Hot Water Tank 2,Vibrating Screen 3,Oil Dry System

The working process of palm oil machine:
FFB(Palm fruit bunches)–Sterilizing–Thershing–Digesting–Pressing–Clarifying–Filtering–Drying–Crude palm oil

When you get fresh fruit bunches, usually use a truck to transport to your palm oil mill. Firstly put palm fuit bunches into fruit cages, then use electric crane to lift cages to sterilizer of palm oil machine, we use boiler to produce steam which can be gone into sterilizer. Which can make bunches soft and dry.
Then move bunches to thresher  of palm oil machine for separating palm fruit from bunches.You can get palm fruit and empty bunches, empty bunches can be as fuel in boiler room. Palm fruit will go into digester and presser of palm oil machine for crash palm pulp and press them to get palm oil. Besides that, you can also get the mixture with palm nut and fiber in this step. Palm oil will be puried, filtered and dried through vibrating sieve, clarifying tank, filter and drying. The final clean red palm oil can be stored in the palm oil storage tank. The mixture with palm nut and fiber need be dried under sunshine or other ways, then separate them, you can sell palm nut to others, also can process them into palm kernel oil using our palm kernel oil extraction machine.
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