Big capacity palm oil machine

Our company is a professional palm oil machine manufacturer in China. As a experienced palm oil machine supplier, we have set up many palm oil mill plant like 30-45-60-120tph palm oil machines in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. We also built some 1-2-3tph palm oil machines in Nigeria, Liberia and Cameroon.

The process of big scale palm oil machine:
FFB–Sterilizing–Threshing–Digesting–Pressing–Clarification–Crude palm oil

FFB: Fresh fruit bunches. Usually FFB can be transported to palm oil mill by trucks.

Sterilizing: The palm oil machine we use in this section is sterilizer. The purpose is to break the enzymes in fruit, and to avoid the increasing of the FFA content in oil. At the same time, the high temperature makes fruit soft.

Threshing: It is mainly for separating palm fruit from bunches. The threshing machine is the second step of all palm oil machines to process palm fruit bunches.

Digesting & pressing: They are the most important palm oil machines for palm oil mill. They are mainly to crash palm fruit and then press. Crude palm oil can be got at this station.

Clarification: This palm oil machine is the final step to remove some fiber, mud or other impurities. Which can make crude palm oil clear.

Crude palm oil tank: It is used for storing crude palm oil ,also a necessary palm oil machine, we will design heat coil in the tank.

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