Double screw shaft palm kernel oil press machine

Main Feature of double shaft screw palm kernel shaft oil press machine (low cold press)

1)Double shaft  screw oil press  machine  
a. no smooth-bore engagement screw pair technology
b.strengthen promoting
c.inner chamber pressing pressure
d. one time squeeze
e. oil yield up to 93%
f. dry cake oil residual is slow
2)Specially designed double shaft axis,
a. theoretical compression ratio
b.after 5 compression and expansion in the pressing chamber of oil crops achieve thick material layer and the thin material layer combining powerful press

3)Spare parts made by carburizing steel and the strict heat treatment
a.with high strength, toughness
b.low temperature impact toughness
c. abrasion treatment, long service life
4)Double shaft screw cold pressed process of palm kernel oil press machine.
a. to cancel  broken, softening, rolling embryo, steaming and roasting links in hot pressing process
b. less production equipment
c. no environmental pollution
d. low power consumption
e. low production cost
5) Unique cake-centering mechanism to support pressing screw shaft ,during working, the cake thickness can be adjusted timely

6)Squeeze cage in the vertical plane split, the two ends of the hinge support.
a. Therefore no accumulation of slag squeezed cage
b. smooth discharge of oil
c. maintenance and easy maintenance
7)Cold pressed vegetable oils can keep intact the natural biological activity
a.such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, protease, lecithin and trace elements
b.Squeezed vegetable oil to keep its essence color, natural flavor and natural taste
8) Cold pressed virgin strip out (meals)
a. is a high-value food can be used for animal feed, fertilizer, fuel and protein extraction