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cold press oil machine | ulimac machine

Cold Press Oil Machine | Ulimac Machine

The cold press oil extraction process consists of several stages. First of all, you need to have one of our UM100 and UM200 machines to extract oil from any seed or nut. After making sure that the seeds desired to obtain oil are clean, they are transferred to the seed pressing chamber of our machines.

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oil press machine - new technology oil pressing machines

Oil Press Machine - New Technology Oil Pressing Machines

Ekiciler Machine Industry Limited Co. Our Oil Press Machines have new technology, high production capacity and are easy to use. It is generally preferred by those who want to produce natural and organic oils. We are able to deliver our cold press oil machines that we produce in Turkey safely to all over the world with contracted cargo companies. You can set up your own business with our Oil Press Machines and produce oil, cosmetics, organic foods in your home or shop.

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cold oil press machine - taizy food machine

Cold oil press machine - Taizy Food Machine

The cold oil press machine is easy to use, simple to operate, and has a high oil yield. It is professional equipment specially designed for pressing oil crops such as sesame, peanut, walnut, almond, pine nut, and tea seed. This machine can be used for both cold press and hot press. Oil Yield Table

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cold press oil machine | oil press machine | ulimac makine ankara

Cold Press Oil Machine | Oil Press Machine | Ulimac Makine Ankara

Our cold press oil machines allow you to obtain oil from more than 100 types of seeds and nuts. Perfect products can be produced with cold press oil machines that meet cold press oil production needs of small and medium size enterprises and spice shops. You can explore products manufactured and distributed by Ulimac Makina and contact us to get detailed information about our products.

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olive oil cold press machine - oil press machine, hydraulic

Olive oil cold press machine - Oil press machine, Hydraulic

At first, put the hydraulic olive oil press machine on stable and flat ground, and check whether the machine wiring is normal. Then, start the cold press olive oil machine. Set the temperature by turning on the temperature control switch. After that, place a mat in the barrel after the temperature has reached around 70 degrees.

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yoda – the oil pressing machine for home use!

Yoda – The Oil Pressing Machine For Home Use!

Easy to use and to clean! Yoda is the first reliable oil pressing machine for home use. It is compact but has a strong motor and all the features of a large, bulky, industrial pressing machine. It is designed to last and to perform, so, you can have your own cold pressed oil, in the confort of your house. See our products: YODA HOME PRO

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